Salt Lake Jazz Scene Is Still Strong And Exciting

If you know a thing or two about jazz, you know that this music is almost impossible to explain and that the flow of this musical type is unpredictable and constantly changing. However, one thing remains the same through all these years since we have jazz in our ears – people love to listen to it. No matter if you call it acid jazz, dixieland, swing, bebop or some other name, jazz music is interesting and exciting, and it has a special way of communicating with people who know what they need to hear and enjoy in the skills of great artists. Jazz is also a very demanding style, which means that you have to be in full control of your instrument and you need to have education and experience in order to become one of the best.

Salt Lake City is a place famous for its warm welcome to any artist who loves and plays jazz with style and quality, and the audience in this city is well-learned and knows how to recognize and award good performance. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that Salt Lake City has a traditional yearly festival, called the Salt Lake Jazz Festival, which brings together many artists from this city and also from the whole world and they demonstrate their skills by playing in front of large crowds.

Salt Lake Jazz Festival is an international event and it was founded in 2001, almost completely by accident. The “legend” says that the mayor at the time, Rocky Anderson was listening to a jazz pianist Emilee Floor, in a restaurant in downtown and after she finished her show, he complained that he wished that there are more places where you could hear such good music. Her father, Jerry Floor, was quick to offer a solution and he became a founding father and the main man behind the Festival. Up to 2007, the event was a “pet project” of the mayor, but after that year things became less stable in the financial sector and the Festival now charges for admission.

The quality of the Salt Lake Jazz Festival is best seen in the lineup because there were some great names on the list of performers over the years. Stellar names mean more crowd, and the number of visitors also says a lot about the overall quality of the Festival. To mention just some of the names, on the stage of Salt Lake Jazz Festival played Arturo Sandoval, Tom Scott, Sheila E., Nancy Wilson, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods and many, many others. Also, there were a lot of ensembles and jazz bands here, for instance, “Tower of Power”, “Spyro Gyro” or “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra was accompanying a lot of big names and this group also makes an important segment of the whole story.

Jazz is played in many bars and restaurants across this town, and people can enjoy various jazz types on different locations and on different nights of the week, but it is guaranteed that you will find a good jazz easily in Salt Lake City.