Salt Lake Jazz Scene Is Still Strong And Exciting

If you know a thing or two about jazz, you know that this music is almost impossible to explain and that the flow of this musical type is unpredictable and constantly changing. However, one thing remains the same through all these years since we have jazz in our ears – people love to listen to it. No matter if you call it acid jazz, dixieland, swing, bebop or some other name, jazz music is interesting and exciting, and it has a special way of communicating with people who know what they need to hear and enjoy in the skills of great artists. Jazz is also a very demanding style, which means that you have to be in full control of your instrument and you need to have education and experience in order to become one of the best.

Salt Lake City is a place famous for its warm welcome to any artist who loves and plays jazz with style and quality, and the audience in this city is well-learned and knows how to recognize and award good performance. One of the reasons for this may be the fact that Salt Lake City has a traditional yearly festival, called the Salt Lake Jazz Festival, which brings together many artists from this city and also from the whole world and they demonstrate their skills by playing in front of large crowds.

Salt Lake Jazz Festival is an international event and it was founded in 2001, almost completely by accident. The “legend” says that the mayor at the time, Rocky Anderson was listening to a jazz pianist Emilee Floor, in a restaurant in downtown and after she finished her show, he complained that he wished that there are more places where you could hear such good music. Her father, Jerry Floor, was quick to offer a solution and he became a founding father and the main man behind the Festival. Up to 2007, the event was a “pet project” of the mayor, but after that year things became less stable in the financial sector and the Festival now charges for admission.

The quality of the Salt Lake Jazz Festival is best seen in the lineup because there were some great names on the list of performers over the years. Stellar names mean more crowd, and the number of visitors also says a lot about the overall quality of the Festival. To mention just some of the names, on the stage of Salt Lake Jazz Festival played Arturo Sandoval, Tom Scott, Sheila E., Nancy Wilson, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods and many, many others. Also, there were a lot of ensembles and jazz bands here, for instance, “Tower of Power”, “Spyro Gyro” or “Blood, Sweat and Tears”. Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra was accompanying a lot of big names and this group also makes an important segment of the whole story.

Jazz is played in many bars and restaurants across this town, and people can enjoy various jazz types on different locations and on different nights of the week, but it is guaranteed that you will find a good jazz easily in Salt Lake City.

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Listening To Jazz In Salt Lake City

Known for its complexity, jazz music is something that often takes a while to get used to, but once you do it – you can’t have enough of it. It is also very hard to define this musical style, predominantly because jazz comes in many forms and every song is played differently every time. Improvisation is at the heart of jazz and people who listen to jazz music on a regular basis know that a good jazz performer will surprise you every single time and that the number of possibilities is endless. It’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and when it comes to Salt Lake City – there are several places where you can listen to this type of music and be amazed by the quality of the performers and the music they play.

Jazz was born in America and it later spread around the world, taking many forms and accepting local flavors and traditions. Experts say that jazz is a very demanding style and most of them agree that your music will be no good if you are not skillful and highly trained with your instrument. Luckily for people from Salt Lake City – the musicians who perform there are true artists and they play their instruments with absolute perfection.

Jazz can be found in many bars around Salt Lake City, and some of the most popular places when it comes to this type of music are located downtown. Some of them have jazz bands on weekends while others host them on a more regular basis, but there are also those where jazz is played only on special occasions. For example, “The Bayou” has jazz music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and “Gracie’s”, another cool place downtown, has jazz music on their repertoire all through the week. Other places include “Maxwell’s”, “The Red Door” and “The Wild Grape”, but there are much more of them and the scene is constantly changing, just like the jazz music itself. The funniest was a club using artificial grass to protect the floor.

However, the most famous place to hear jazz in Salt Lake City is the well-known Salt Lake Jazz Festival, which is a traditional event that was usually hosted on Washington Square but has recently been moved into the Gallivan Center. This festival was started in 2001, and during the years it had its ups and downs, especially when it comes to local support and financing but it managed to keep its quality and reputation. Jerry Floor is the man behind the whole thing and he was responsible for the birth of the Festival, along with the mayor Rocky Anderson.

Many famous artists have performed on Salt Lake Jazz Festival and they filled July nights with the sounds of their melody and harmony. Different styles of jazz are a trademark of the Festival, so the audience had a chance to see and listen to artists like Sheila E., Tom Scott, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods, Arturo Sandoval, Nancy Wilson and many others. Popular jazz bands have also visited Salt Lake Jazz Festival and some of them are “Spyro Gyra”, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Tower of Power” and many others.

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All You Need To Know About Jazz In Salt Lake City

We all know that jazz is the ultimate American music, a style of music that was born here and that captivates audiences all across the globe. There are many types of jazz and it is hard to give a unifying definition of this genre, but just like anybody else – you will know it when you hear it. Many cities in the United States have jazz festivals and special occasions, and there are numerous places and restaurants where jazz music is played in the evening. One of such places is Salt Lake City, and you probably know that the name “Utah Jazz” didn’t come from nothing.

Salt Lake City takes great pride in its strong musical scene, even though this is not the biggest of all cities, it still manages to attract big names and provide its citizens with the best quality of jazz music. Many famous artists have performed here over the years and they are always happy to come back, predominantly because the audience is so well-learned and very familiar with different styles of jazz. Of course, jazz is all about improvisation, and as they say – you cannot hear the same song twice in jazz, but the audience in Salt Lake City recognizes their favorite musicians and people from this town are great fans of this musical style.

Jazz in Salt Lake City can be heard on many nights, but it is during the month of July that people enjoy jazz the most. The traditional Salt Lake Jazz Festival is a wonderful opportunity to listen to amazing jazz artists and performers, and many people who come to this festival are amazed by the overall atmosphere and the quality of the music. This international festival was founded in 2001 and since that year, it continues to attract big-time names and becomes better with every passing year.

For example, some of the well-known names that performed at Salt Lake Jazz Festival are Nancy Wilson, Arturo Sandoval, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods, Sheila E., Tom Scott, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Tower of Power” and, of course, most of them were generously helped by the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra. This stellar lineup is certainly a massive accomplishment, but the whole project is a legacy of one man – Jerry Floor, and he is the man behind the Salt Lake Jazz Festival.

Besides the famous festival, Salt Lake City offers its citizens the chance to hear jazz in many bars and restaurants, and some of the most popular locations are called “The Bayou”, “Gracie’s”, “The Wild Grape”, “The Red Door, “Maxwell’s” and many others. The quality of jazz music in these places is top-notch and even the most demanding of listeners will be satisfied with the melody, harmony, rhythm and tone of the songs. Variations of the songs and different styles of jazz are presents in the music of these bands and ensembles, and the majority of performers are educated musicians and they know a lot about the jazz music and how it should be played.

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How To Learn To Play Blues Guitar

Millions of people love the soulful notes of Blues guitar. Listening to this genre of music with its unique riffs can invoke deep feelings and can create a wonderful sensation that few other types of music offer. If you learn to play Blues guitar then that gives you a way to express yourself and you can create your own music too.

Most of the great Blues guitarists became as good as they are (or were) because they were able to take the time needed to devote to their craft in order to truly articulate their emotions. The guitar is a wonderful instrument and just by picking one up you can get excited and sense the potential that the instrument has to offer, if you want to become a really great Blues guitarist then you need to open yourself up to that excitement and potential and let your feelings flow out into your playing.

Perhaps one of the best ways to begin learning to play the Blues guitar is by listening to different Blues music, there are plenty of artists to choose from, and they all possess a style and technique of their own. One of the exciting things about playing the Blues is that there really aren’t many rules, there are loads of different styles and rhythms people use. With so many styles out there then as you listen to the music it should be quite easy to find a few different ones that you want to base your style on.

Once you have chosen your style then begin by learning some basic riffs. Do this over and over until you could play them in your sleep, this will help give you a solid base as you develop your own style. That is how all the great Blues stars begin, by learning some licks and riffs that help to stir the soul, then building on them and adapting them into their own style.

Once you have mastered some riffs then start to play around with patterns. Do not be afraid to experiment as much as you want, it does not matter if the sounds you create are horrible to start with; that is how you will learn. The key is to devote as much time as you can to the process and keep at it, remember, the best Blues guitarists were not born that way, they too had to practice and experiment until they honed their skills. Once you are confident with your abilities then try playing along with someone else. Making a band is, if anything else, interesting and fun plus you can sharpen your skills and who knows, maybe become a famous.

Another method that is often used by many people who want to learn playing guitar is to play along to your favorite tracks. That will help you to gain a better understanding of different styles and increase your skills, while you are enjoying in your favorite music and tracks.

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Getting Going With Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Which are the guitars used for gypsy jazz? To adequately answer this question, you first of all have to know what exactly gypsy jazz is. Gypsy jazz is sometimes known as Gypsy swing.

A Quick History Of Gypsy Jazz

This terminology was coined by the celebrated guitar player Django Reinhardt in the 1930s. Because Django was a French guitar player, this style of music is described by its French name ‘Jazz manouche’

This memorable  genre of music became prominent in Paris, France , and the performers of this style frequently worked in popular Musette ensembles. In the world of gypsy jazz, the Musette style waltz makes up a critical element. Django Reinhardt combined a dark gypsy flavor together with the modern swing articulation of that period. This style of jazz is best-known for this combination. The modern guitar employed for gypsy jazz employs this element as its platform.

The style of gypsy jazz is learned through the skills passed down the generations of performers, very much like the traditional gypsy music. The vast majority of the gypsy music players don’t have to read standard musical notation. The newcomers put in a sizeable amount of time researching and mastering the songs by listening to many different musical recordings. Additionally they learn about the important guitar techniques, guitar arpeggios and guitar scales from more experienced guitarists.

In this kind of jazz the key solo instruments remain the guitar and also the violin. Now and again accordian and clarinet are also played. The rhythm guitar used for gypsy jazz is played with a percussive technique which is really extraordinary. This sound makes the use of drums unnecessary. The bands are filled out by a double-bass. A traditional gypsy jazz band includes two rhythms guitars, one lead guitar, bass and violin.

Gypsy Jazz Today

Gypsy jazz is a very popular kind of music. Folks around the world really like listening to it. However, the finest music players and the most eager followers are still confined to Europe. Since the style started in Europe, it is quite easy to understand that it still thrives there. The level of playing of European gypsy jazz musicians is not bettered in other regions; even though there is a large gypsy jazz fan base in the United states. Musical groups like the John Jorgenson Quintet and Pearl Django may very well be leaders in this sort of music.

The New York’s Lincoln Center is widely known for holding a gypsy jazz concert every year in August. One more widely known Jazz Club called Birdland holds a gypsy jazz concert series for a week each November.

Understanding  Gypsy Jazz Guitar

Guitar players such as Django Reinhardt were fortuitous to have been born in an environment where music was a vital part of life. They started learning it at an exceptionally early age from the experienced guitarists of their surrounding social group. In these modern times, you really need to look for some superb guitar teachers, and the really exceptional ones often have waiting lists. Regular jazz guitar methods are not really very much help in learning the gypsy jazz style. These methods are a good deal more centered on guitar scales, when gypsy jazz mainly concentrates on guitar arpeggios. It’s also a lot more interested in the movement on the guitar neck. Almost all gypsy jazz guitar players use just their first 3 fingers.

Studying from gypsy jazz DVDs and books does not truly help. The fact is a lot of of them are somewhat disappointing. If you are absolutely serious about learning gypsy jazz guitar, just start memorizing the arpeggios, particularly the basic triads. Please do not get carried away with just playing the arpeggios straight up-and-down. The primary attraction of gypsy jazz music lies in its beautiful melodies. These melodies are driven by rhythm that adds a strong appeal.

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