All You Need To Know About Jazz In Salt Lake City

We all know that jazz is the ultimate American music, a style of music that was born here and that captivates audiences all across the globe. There are many types of jazz and it is hard to give a unifying definition of this genre, but just like anybody else – you will know it when you hear it. Many cities in the United States have jazz festivals and special occasions, and there are numerous places and restaurants where jazz music is played in the evening. One of such places is Salt Lake City, and you probably know that the name “Utah Jazz” didn’t come from nothing.

Salt Lake City takes great pride in its strong musical scene, even though this is not the biggest of all cities, it still manages to attract big names and provide its citizens with the best quality of jazz music. Many famous artists have performed here over the years and they are always happy to come back, predominantly because the audience is so well-learned and very familiar with different styles of jazz. Of course, jazz is all about improvisation, and as they say – you cannot hear the same song twice in jazz, but the audience in Salt Lake City recognizes their favorite musicians and people from this town are great fans of this musical style.

Jazz in Salt Lake City can be heard on many nights, but it is during the month of July that people enjoy jazz the most. The traditional Salt Lake Jazz Festival is a wonderful opportunity to listen to amazing jazz artists and performers, and many people who come to this festival are amazed by the overall atmosphere and the quality of the music. This international festival was founded in 2001 and since that year, it continues to attract big-time names and becomes better with every passing year.

For example, some of the well-known names that performed at Salt Lake Jazz Festival are Nancy Wilson, Arturo Sandoval, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods, Sheila E., Tom Scott, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Tower of Power” and, of course, most of them were generously helped by the Salt Lake City Jazz Orchestra. This stellar lineup is certainly a massive accomplishment, but the whole project is a legacy of one man – Jerry Floor, and he is the man behind the Salt Lake Jazz Festival.

Besides the famous festival, Salt Lake City offers its citizens the chance to hear jazz in many bars and restaurants, and some of the most popular locations are called “The Bayou”, “Gracie’s”, “The Wild Grape”, “The Red Door, “Maxwell’s” and many others. The quality of jazz music in these places is top-notch and even the most demanding of listeners will be satisfied with the melody, harmony, rhythm and tone of the songs. Variations of the songs and different styles of jazz are presents in the music of these bands and ensembles, and the majority of performers are educated musicians and they know a lot about the jazz music and how it should be played.