Listening To Jazz In Salt Lake City

Known for its complexity, jazz music is something that often takes a while to get used to, but once you do it – you can’t have enough of it. It is also very hard to define this musical style, predominantly because jazz comes in many forms and every song is played differently every time. Improvisation is at the heart of jazz and people who listen to jazz music on a regular basis know that a good jazz performer will surprise you every single time and that the number of possibilities is endless. It’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself, and when it comes to Salt Lake City – there are several places where you can listen to this type of music and be amazed by the quality of the performers and the music they play.

Jazz was born in America and it later spread around the world, taking many forms and accepting local flavors and traditions. Experts say that jazz is a very demanding style and most of them agree that your music will be no good if you are not skillful and highly trained with your instrument. Luckily for people from Salt Lake City – the musicians who perform there are true artists and they play their instruments with absolute perfection.

Jazz can be found in many bars around Salt Lake City, and some of the most popular places when it comes to this type of music are located downtown. Some of them have jazz bands on weekends while others host them on a more regular basis, but there are also those where jazz is played only on special occasions. For example, “The Bayou” has jazz music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and “Gracie’s”, another cool place downtown, has jazz music on their repertoire all through the week. Other places include “Maxwell’s”, “The Red Door” and “The Wild Grape”, but there are much more of them and the scene is constantly changing, just like the jazz music itself. The funniest was a club using artificial grass to protect the floor.

However, the most famous place to hear jazz in Salt Lake City is the well-known Salt Lake Jazz Festival, which is a traditional event that was usually hosted on Washington Square but has recently been moved into the Gallivan Center. This festival was started in 2001, and during the years it had its ups and downs, especially when it comes to local support and financing but it managed to keep its quality and reputation. Jerry Floor is the man behind the whole thing and he was responsible for the birth of the Festival, along with the mayor Rocky Anderson.

Many famous artists have performed on Salt Lake Jazz Festival and they filled July nights with the sounds of their melody and harmony. Different styles of jazz are a trademark of the Festival, so the audience had a chance to see and listen to artists like Sheila E., Tom Scott, Chuck Mangione, Phil Woods, Arturo Sandoval, Nancy Wilson and many others. Popular jazz bands have also visited Salt Lake Jazz Festival and some of them are “Spyro Gyra”, “Blood, Sweat and Tears”, “Tower of Power” and many others.