How To Learn To Play Blues Guitar

Millions of people love the soulful notes of Blues guitar. Listening to this genre of music with its unique riffs can invoke deep feelings and can create a wonderful sensation that few other types of music offer. If you learn to play Blues guitar then that gives you a way to express yourself and you can create your own music too.

Most of the great Blues guitarists became as good as they are (or were) because they were able to take the time needed to devote to their craft in order to truly articulate their emotions. The guitar is a wonderful instrument and just by picking one up you can get excited and sense the potential that the instrument has to offer, if you want to become a really great Blues guitarist then you need to open yourself up to that excitement and potential and let your feelings flow out into your playing.

Perhaps one of the best ways to begin learning to play the Blues guitar is by listening to different Blues music, there are plenty of artists to choose from, and they all possess a style and technique of their own. One of the exciting things about playing the Blues is that there really aren’t many rules, there are loads of different styles and rhythms people use. With so many styles out there then as you listen to the music it should be quite easy to find a few different ones that you want to base your style on.

Once you have chosen your style then begin by learning some basic riffs. Do this over and over until you could play them in your sleep, this will help give you a solid base as you develop your own style. That is how all the great Blues stars begin, by learning some licks and riffs that help to stir the soul, then building on them and adapting them into their own style.

Once you have mastered some riffs then start to play around with patterns. Do not be afraid to experiment as much as you want, it does not matter if the sounds you create are horrible to start with; that is how you will learn. The key is to devote as much time as you can to the process and keep at it, remember, the best Blues guitarists were not born that way, they too had to practice and experiment until they honed their skills. Once you are confident with your abilities then try playing along with someone else. Making a band is, if anything else, interesting and fun plus you can sharpen your skills and who knows, maybe become a famous.

Another method that is often used by many people who want to learn playing guitar is to play along to your favorite tracks. That will help you to gain a better understanding of different styles and increase your skills, while you are enjoying in your favorite music and tracks.